The Founders

Danielle Howson

Co-founder & Editorial Lead

An obsessive animal lover, Danielle likes to point out every dog she sees on the street and will force you to look at pictures of her cat. She also identifies as an avid reader, player of Sims 4, and musical theatre fan who can't sing. Now in her fourth year in the Creative Industries program at Ryerson, Danielle has decided to combine her love of printing and publishing and storytelling in media to start an online magazine. She cannot wait to make cool things with the Common Mag team!

Claire McCulloch

Co-founder & Creative Lead

Ideally, Claire would like to live in a world filled with infinite guacamole and sandwiches (combinations of the two are encouraged), lots of plants, and the opportunity to access every issue of NYLON Magazine ever made. When she’s not cleaning up after her kitten, Jerry, or running from meeting-to-meeting, you can find Claire very much enjoying her third year of Creative Industries at Ryerson University, specializing in storytelling and graphic design.

The Team

Zuna Amir

Graphic Designer

Zuna is in her third year at OCAD University studying Illustration. She is currently experimenting with many mediums including artwork made using traditional methods, as well as with Illustrator and Photoshop, printmaking and film photography.

Emily Bartosiewicz


After three years living in Copenhagen working as a professional ballerina, Emily shifted gears and is now in her second year of Ryerson's Creative Industries program. Apart from ballet, Emily's interests include getting lost in new places around the world, trying every single chocolate chip cookie she sees, and writing for her blog Fijord. She also loves ogling over good design, snuggling into oversized knitwear, and is a self-proclaimed nostalgist. Emily also enjoys getting eight hours of sleep and is fundamentally a senior citizen at heart.

Haley Bretney


Haley is currently in her third year at Ryerson working towards a BA in Creative Industries. Her focus is on the music industry and communications studies. Haley loves playing guitar, watching One Tree Hill, eating ice cream, colour-coding her planner, and obsessing over the Toronto Maple Leafs. Catch her at Ryerson Rams hockey games as their unofficial official DJ.

Kyra Butterworth

Copyeditor & Contributor

Kyra is currently in her final year of the journalism program at Ryerson University. She is a geek girl who loves comic book movies, big cups of coffee, and Star Wars.

Sam Chung

Graphic Designer

Sam is a space fanatic, music lover, coffee addict, and multifaceted creative. She is a fourth year graphic communications management major at Ryerson University with a concentration in packaging and sustainability.

Emma Cooper


Emma is a fourth year Creative Industries student specializing in the music industry and storytelling in the media. She loves coffee, listening to music, and getting overly competitive about Scrabble. In her spare time, you can find her at an open mic night (she knows some good spots, if you're interested), writing music and/or poetry, or browsing the Toronto Humane Society website for her next cat.

Maddy Finlay

Graphic Designer

After Maddy's first year taking Business Management at Ryerson University, she decided to follow her passion and get a degree that incorporated her love for design and print. She is now currently in her second year of Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson, and could not be happier. She has always had an immense appreciation for art, and now she is fortunate to be able to pursue it through her studies. Her main expertise falls under graphic design, typography, and photography.

Sierra Goulding


Sierra is currently a fourth year student at Ryerson University in the Creative Industries program with a focus on Dance, Acting, and Curatorial Practices. She has a deep love for the beauty industry and currently works as a makeup artist. Sierra spends her free time dancing, painting, attending entertainment and arts events, playing with her puppy, and travelling when she can.

Taelor Lewis

Communications Coordinator

With a Virgo moon and Cancer Venus, this Gemini loves to keep herself busy. Taelor has been acting for over seven years and loves to use that as an excuse for binge watching TV shows on Netflix. An avid lover of the art in communications and storytelling, Tae does her best to make friends feel welcomed, happy, and heard.

Ellis Matthews

Graphic Designer

Ellis is a third year Creative Industries student at Ryerson University. Within her program she mainly focuses on fashion and graphic communications and really enjoys both disciplines. She likes writing, especially about the fashion industry and how it critically impacts social and cultural norms.

Danika Moir


Danika is a fourth year History major with a passion for all things art and a special place in her heart for Gustav Klimt's work. She's a certified book nerd with towers of novels crowding her apartment, and spends way too much money on film photography and tea (that she usually forgets about until it's cold). If you've lost her, she's probably in a coffee shop or wandering around looking for inspiration.

Laura Parent

Copyeditor & Contributor

Laura is a fourth year Creative Industries student, specializing in fashion and curatorial practice. She has always loved writing, and will be focusing on fashion, lifestyle, literature, and podcasts in her work at Common Mag. Other interests include caring for her plant babies, spending too much money on tattoos, quoting Lord of the Rings, and having solo dance parties.

Amanda Sher

Graphic Designer

After graduating high school, Amanda took a short leave to travel and work on building her portfolio. During this time, she took several classes to help grow her passion within the digital media industry. When she isn’t drinking an iced coffee or making you a playlist, she spends her time creating whether it's drawing or painting. She is looking forward to attending Sheridan’s Interaction Design program in the fall.

Emily Skublics

Graphic Designer & Copyeditor

Since graduting from Creative Industries at Ryerson University in 2017, Emily has been working at a digital marketing agency. She currently runs a side hustle selling her Mantone branded products and spends as much free time as possible playing around in Illustrator.

Rachel Yen

Graphic Designer

Rachel is super excited to be a part of the Common Mag team as a graphic designer! She is currently in her third year of Creative Industries and is passionate about television, pop culture and graphic design. In her spare time, she enjoys watching (too much) TV, photography, and eating lots of pasta.

Sofiya Yusypovych

Sponsorship Manager & Contributor

Sofiya is a self-proclaimed adventurer, chocolate-covered strawberries gourmand, coffee enthusiast, who enjoys all things coconut. Google Calendar is her BFF, and engaging environments are her go-to places. She believes projects are best faced in a team, providing everyone with an opportunity to learn, contribute, and always deliver the best results. With a wide range of skills in event management, creative thinking, team building, and crisis management, Sofiya is aiming at a career in label partnerships, sponsorship activations, event management, production management in the music industry.

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